Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tickling the ivories

Jack had his first-ever piano recital tonight, at the Corbin Theatre on Liberty's downtown square.

Of course "Grandma" Lloy & "Grandpa" Bob came (50 minutes early, to get good seats), even on her birthday.

He played "Horse Sense," "It's Halloween!" and "Indian Song" ... all from memory.

As Leslie whispered to me when he finished, "I'm ├╝ber proud!"

When the recital was over, Jack actually wanted to get his picture taken with Dr. Tom, his instructor (who has his doctorate of music from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln).

All smiles afterward. The night was special enough that it called for a babysitter for Landon...

...and a trip to McDonald's for us.

But after Jack's semi-healthy order of a plain cheeseburger, apple dippers with no caramel and white milk — all by his own choice...

...he topped it off with a chocolate M&M McFlurry with extra M&M's and hot fudge on top. (Whose kid is he?)

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