Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game 8 — Tuesday night vs. White Sox

Cici Ninny drove all the way down from Nebraska by herself this afternoon, just to see Jack's last baseball game. She surprised him by sitting on our porch as he got off the school bus, and he instantly ran up to gave her a big hug.

Even though they were in the same league, Jack and Brody's teams never played each another all season. But since their final games were back-to-back, I at least wanted to get a pic of them together in their uniforms.

Twelve very squirrely boys, and all 24 eyes looking at the camera! Thank you very much.

It was easy to get Jack to pause for this picture during warm-ups, 'cause he was proud of himself for learning how to throw and catch the ball so much better.

The Cubs' final pre-game meeting.

As second-baseman fielding the ball.

Déjà vu.

Landon doing a taste test to see which one's better: yellow crayon, or a Slim Jim.

It was neat to play their last game at a different place for the first time -- the Fountain Bluff Sports Complex.

I love this shot.

When Nicky asked me beforehand how many players were on Jack's team, I knew that she was up to something. Sure enough. She brought with her big boxes of concession-type snacks for the kids to load up on after the game — green apple cotton candy, Chocolate Lover's Poppycock, Slim Jims, sunflower seeds and peanuts in the shell.

Landon's turn to run the bases.

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