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Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Dress Like A Career Person" Day

Guarding against H1N1? No, this is what Jackson wore to school one day, earlier this week. He said he was a "constipation doctor."

(In case you need a reminder why.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The gas company severed a main root of this tree last year (when connecting the gas line to our house) and it's been dying ever since. And leaning toward our house. And dropping dead branches when the wind blows. And leaning toward our house.

So one call to Kansas City's 3-1-1 Action Line ... and then another ... and another ... and meeting a contractor to come evaluate it ... and three months later, it's gone!

Look out below.

Decreasing the local raccoon habitat.

After school, when Jackson and Brody finally realized that the tree was gone (and finished screaming "Oh My GOSH!") they decided to put the stump to good use.

Now, if only we could get someone to finish the sidewalk...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Play date

I was able to help out some friends of ours and watch their son, Jack, one day last week. He's exactly one month younger than Landon.

When Jackson got home from school, he loved playing with him too — someone new for Jackson to make laugh!

Monday, November 9, 2009

In the backyard

They had so much fun raking up a huge pile of leaves that Jacob, one of the neighbor kids (on the right), said, "This is just like playing video games — only better!"

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last Saturday afternoon, Jack and I went to Kansas City's historic Union Cemetery for a couple of pictures. He was AMAZING.

And, oh yeah, did I mention that my mom made this vampire costume for me when I was a kid?

Even vampires need a break.

Our last shot before carrying him back to the car. We had a blast!

Then Leslie's cousin Lyndsey came up to experience Halloween in the suburbs. She and Jack squeezed in a mean game of Mousetrap before trick-or-treating.

When Jackson was an infant, I carved a special "JACK" o'lantern with just his first name in big letters. And since my oldest sister already gave me a hard time this week about the youngest child (i.e., me) always complaining about being neglected and getting the shaft, I figured I'd better carve a personalized pumpkin for Landon, too.

So... his very own jack o'LANDON.

Someone call animal control!

(The full moon was just up to the left.)

It was a gorgeous night to be out 'n' about, talking to neighbors.

This is how he rolls.

P.S. Jack loved his red bowtie so much, that he insisted on wearing it to church the next morning. A huge thanks to the nice woman at Sir Knight Formal Wear in Gladstone for her help!

Friday, November 6, 2009

All Hallow's Eve eve

Jackson was off school last Friday, so Leslie started the day by making homemade pumpkin pancakes. Which soon become "Jack" o'lantern pancakes.

Then it was time for the eagerly awaited "Carving of the Gourd"
(a 34-pounder this year!). After changing into the appropriate attire, of course.

We went through a couple rounds of design concepts, but Jack wanted it to be giving the "evil eye" and make it as sinister as possible.

Observe the concentration.

The finished product (complete with a dusting of cinnamon on the inside, to make it smell good on the front porch).

And making some caramel apples that evening (notice he's already in his jammies). Honey crisps are the best!

A day full of homemade pumpkin pancakes, jack o'lanterns and caramel apples. We love fall!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girls' weekend

While I was in Maryville last weekend, Leslie went to Branson for a girls' get-away with her two college roommates.

"Rachael and me posing for Brenda in front of a shop in downtown Branson."

"At the Texas Land and Cattle Resturant at The Landing, in old downtown Branson. Brenda, we should have had someone take this so you could be in it too! Yummy meal after a long and successful day of shopping."

"After being on our feet all day and our yummy meal, Rach and I decided we needed a massage. I could have sat in that chair all night. What an AWESOME DAY!!"

"Before the show — Brenda and Rachael."

They saw a show starring Todd Bradshaw, their old neighbor across the street from the house the three girls lived in, in college!