Tuesday, June 30, 2009

California family vacation! (Day three)

Finally — after an X-ray, IV, blood drawn, CAT scan, ambulance ride and three different medical facilities, Jackson was diagnosed with severe constipation. Who knew? Written on the dry erase board above the bed was his wellness plan: 1.) Poop and 2.) Go home.

So after lots of fiber, water, some Miralax and a couple of other "procedures," things started to move and then he felt 10 times better. That gave me a chance to explore the hospital, which we arrived at in the dark of night.

A fountain out front.

I saw a photo in which these two giraffes were originally smooching, but now their heads have grown together. Hmmm...

Of course, being San Diego, it's perfectly normal for the doctors to have their morning meetings outside. This is a courtyard on the second floor, not too far from Jack's room.

On our way out, Jack wanted to ride down on a wheelchair, which the head nurse pushed herself — after giving him the nice stuffed rabbit on his lap. Here, she's showing him a 20-foot-high dinosaur sculpture.

We were so glad to figure out what was wrong, without having to do surgery and stay in the hospital even longer, but it sure was a crappy way to start our vacation!

* * *

Everyone else from Nebraska arrived on Monday.

That afternoon, I took all the nieces and nephews to the neighborhood pool. Yes, just a few hours earlier, Jack was in the hospital, and now he's doing cannon balls. Thank God he's feeling fine and back to his ol' regular self.

Lexi, Nathan and Dominic jumping in together.

It took Lexi hours of practice to finally balance on her hair.

Nathan always smiles. Even under water.

"wat i did on my sumer vacay" by SMD.

* * *


Super heroes getting ready for bed.

After the kids are in bed, it's nice to just hang out as adults, mix a few drinks and internet together.

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The Hodges Family said...

Whew! We are glad Jack is feeling better.

The VIP tour of the cheese factory sounded like a good idea.