Wednesday, July 1, 2009

California family vacation! (Day four)

The first thing we did Tuesday morning was go stand-up paddle boarding (not to be confused with water boarding). It was really fun to try something new and different for the first time.

Of course Dominic, the California native, was up and off right away.

It was peaceful and relaxing, gliding along on the calm waters of the Carlsbad lagoon.

P.S. Tony Hawk's house was just two doors down from the surf shop.

* * *

Then Jack finally got to go to the boat, which he'd been talking about for weeks. If you look closely, Nathan's carrying a sling shot and Jack's carrying a marshmallow gun. Just three months apart, they're like two peas in a pod.

It was Lance's birthday and he took us out fishing ... and the girls out sun bathing.

Catching a saltwater bass.

The boys got to see a variety of other things that are out in the ocean.

The seals bark really loud. But instead of a "buoy," Jack calls this a "booty." It's too cute for me to correct him.

A hovercraft.

Ahhh... This shot would look even better with a beer sitting on the ledge. Except it was in my hand.

Then we came in closer and broke out the innertube.

Show off.

(A cool angle, from down low.)

The sun, the surf and Dani's big smile just about sum it all up.

Lance wouldn't be trying to throw her off, would he?



Then we spotted a small pod of dolphins.

Amazingly, there are three dolphins pictured together in this one shot. Click on the picture to enlarge it, and count the dorsal fins!

After docking the boat, the boys got back in the water and kept playing some more in the harbor. I've included this as the last picture in the series, not because it's a spectacular composition or a neat photo technique. But because it's so indicative of our whole trip: After doing something really fun together, start do something else really fun together!

* * *

For Lance's birthday, we grilled steaks at home for dinner ... and then had birthday cake!

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