Monday, July 6, 2009

California family vacation! (Day eight)

Saturday was our last full day of vacation. Since Landon didn't go with us a few days earlier when we all went to the beach, I wanted him to have the full California experience ... and get his first opportunity to taste some saltwater and eat some sand.

Mission: Accomplished.

(I usually try my best to heavily edit the number of pictures I post of the same setting; multiples of the same people in the same pose, with just slight variations. But I like these solo shots of Landon at the ocean's edge so much, I'm going a little overboard.)

I really like that you can see his reflection here.

Here comes the tide...


I love this one.

Discovering sand.


The sand castle king?

Our parting shot.

* * *

Lance and I took the boys to the pool, while the ladies shopped.

* * *

Then we all met up, along with Felicia's sister Lisa, at the Carlsbad lagoon where we rented two jet skis and two kayaks for two hours. Too fun!

Lance and Dominic coming up from behind to splash Dani, Jack and Schuyler.

Dominic, Leslie and Danielle — right before he ended up in the drink.


"The crash."


One of the mansions on the banks. Tony Hawk has a house along there, too.

My view of kayaking with Jack.

I've always known my niece Schuyler is completely fearless and a total daredevil. But after riding with her on the jet ski, I've learned that she is CRAZY. The guys renting the jet skis said the fastest they go is 45 mph. But Schuyler pushed it to 47. And she threw me off.

Lance in a pick-up game of two-on-two beach volleyball.

* * *

That evening, for our last night together, we ate dinner at The Fish House in Carlsbad. I ordered orange roughy, which Jack knows about from one of his deep sea books, and he got to bring home a steamed clam shell, from Uncle Lance's appetizer.

Jack and Nathan sitting in front of the open fire, on which all the fish was grilled.

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