Thursday, July 2, 2009

California family vacation! (Day five)

Though we've heard mixed reviews, we'd been planning on going to Legoland during this trip ever since last Christmas. And despite all the times we've been to San Diego, we've never been there before. But I was really looking forward to it 'cause Jackson's definitely into Legos now and he's the perfect age for the park.

Not surprisingly, they have everything built out of Legos.

Who knew there was Lego chest hair?

I think Dominic was trying to get wet from the "surprise water blasts triggered from spectator stations."

The faster you turned the wheel, the faster our Bionicle Blaster spun. So of course Jack and Nathan tried as hard as they could.

This cracks me up.

"Based in ancient temple ruins, Lost Kingdom Adventure puts you inside an all-terrain roadster and takes you on a journey to recover stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns along the way. Your score is recorded and competition is fierce as skill and determination are keys to a successful expedition. Brave riders encounter 10 different scenes along the journey including a spider's lair, a professor's lab, mummy relics and a skeleton band that requires riders to hit the correct targets to make it play."

Stand like an Egyptian.

I'd never seen a Lego belly button before.

The Dragon starts out as a cool indoor ride, then goes outside and becomes a pretty thrilling roller coaster.

I wasn't sure if Jack would like it or think it was scary, but as soon as we pulled back into the station house, he immediately said, "I wanna do that again!"

A taste of the Midwest.

Our "dry" picture before Splash Battle.

"Aim your cannon and take your best watery shot at spectators and other riders. But this is pirate territory so beware, because all of your targets are aimed and ready to retiliate." That means that even passersby could shoot us with water, too! See how intense and determined Jack is?

I really wanted to try this going the other way, with only my legs and feet sticking out of the mouth. Maybe next time.

We also went to the separate ocean attraction next door.

These were live shark embryos!

Taken in the walk-through aquarium.

Well I'd give Legoland a thumbs up. It was perfectly age appropriate for our 5-, 6- and 9-year-old and there were so many rides and attractions that I feel like we only saw half the park. At the end of the week, when Mom asked Jack what his favorite part of vacation was, he said Legoland.

# # #

Back at Lance & Felicia's house for the evening.

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