Monday, September 21, 2009

A true Family Weekend

I spent last Thursday, Friday and Saturday up at Northwest for a jam-packed weekend. And it was fantastic.

Thursday afternoon I had an appointment in the president's office and got to visit with Claudia, a dear friend who I've gotten to know over the past year.

I also got a personal tour of Northwest's brand new Studio Theatre. (Thanks Dr. Ross!) You can't see it from this angle, but between the silver railing and the building itself is a little amphitheater for outdoor performances, cocktail receptions or classes. Or a combination of all three.

Everything seems so well planned out. Even the bathrooms are in a strategic location and incorporate thematic design elements in them.

The "black box" itself.

There happened to be a makeup class going on.

After the new board-member orientation Thursday evening, our Northwest Alumni Association board of directors meeting started at
8 a.m. Friday morning.

At one point in the afternoon, our various teams split up into break-out sessions.

Leslie and the boys drove up Friday afternoon for the annual Alumni Awards Banquet that evening (the next three photos are by Darren Whitley).

Presenting the Chapter of the Year award to Kim Wall, president of the Central Iowa Alumni & Friends Chapter.

Saturday morning, we all donned our green and white and geared up to spend the day on campus. Before leaving the hotel parking lot, Jackson jumped for joy.

Jack and Bobby. (Maryville's version of Camelot.)

In front of the Alumni House. Or as Jack calls it, "The Big Bearcat House."

Getting Bobby the Bearcat's autograph.

True Bearcat fans bring a Sharpie with them.

Jack searching for the French flag at the International Plaza.

The Bearcat Zone tailgate area had lots of free kid-friendly activities for Family Weekend.

Diving in, head first.

Bobby posing for a portrait.

Well, if he can do it...

Jack asked to be drawn as a basketball player.

I got a kick out of them having to search for the football, after the son spiraled it through the hole.

Remind me never to put a quarterback passing game in front of an evergreen tree.

Bobby pumping up the crowd with the band, cheerleaders and dance team.

Learning how to conduct himself.

Landon reaches out his little hand to Bobby. On the right, Jack gives Bobby his football-shaped stress ball.

"Look Ma — one hand!"

We had front-row seats.

Resting up before heading into the stadium.

He's running to the end zone, with not another Northwest player in sight. Has to be a touchdown, right? Nope, only two points — for a defensive PAT conversion!

With a funnel cake in one hand and Skittles in the other, he better be smiling!


Despite all the people who commented on how cute Landon is, I don't care that he has big eyes. I don't care that they're really blue. He's three hours past nap time — they're supposed to be closed!

Band in the stand. For a band's-eye view.

Nothing beats spending a fall day on a college campus ... with your family ... watching the Bearcats ... win.

Post-game celebration.

Leavin' it all on the field.

Jackson and Sully.

After the game, on our way back home, when we told Jack that he could get one thing at Jock's Nitch — anything he wanted — he chose wristbands, "...'cause that's what Bobby wears." We walked out of there and only spent $6.99!

Of course he slept in them, and wore them to Sunday School the next morning and to school the next day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The bugs and the bees

C'mon, really? On our front porch???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Landon's 11-month photos

While Leslie was in St. Louis this weekend, we boys went to have our pictures taken as a surprise for her. We love you, hon!