Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have our cake and eat it, too

(Happy 10th anniversary, Leslie! I LOVE YOU.)

We've been to a lot of weddings over the years. And we've sampled a lot of wedding cake. So we knew that we wanted our wedding cake to be good.

Enter Creative Cakes.

We had found Sandy Danner, a one-woman shop, who for years has run her own cake-making business out of her home. Ever since she made us our very own "sample cake" — with two different kinds of frosting — and we opened up the box to got the first whiff of that sweet almond flavoring, we were hooked.

We ultimately chose a bottom layer of chocolate cake, then chocolate ganache filling, a top layer of white cake and that almond-scented frosting. So delish, that I made sure to have a gallon of milk on hand at the reception!

We were having so much fun that our photographer, Gregg Hejna, had a hunch things might get a little messy. You can hear him on our wedding video clearly warning us about the Law of Inverse Pressure: "The more pressure you apply, the more pressure you get."

I got a lot of pressure.

Gregg then says, "I want you to know, you didn't disappoint me." (That's Nash, our best man, with a napkin at the ready.)

In fact, our cake was so good that we thought it a crime to keep the top section in the freezer for a year in hopes that it might still be edible for our first anniversary. So we eagerly gobbled it up, while still fresh, and vowed that we'd order a duplicate from Sandy for our first anniversary ... and every year thereafter.