Sunday, July 5, 2009

California family vacation! (Day seven)

Friday morning, we took the boys horseback riding at nearby Camp Pendleton. The trail ascended about 50 feet, giving us quite a view. And, because we were guests of a Marine on base, it was only $2 per child!

"Look Ma, no hands!"

* * *

For lunch, we went to my sister-in-law's family's Italian restaurant, Feliccia's. It just wouldn't be a trip to San Diego without going to "The Deli." We LOVE it.

Uh oh, somebody must not have been able to pay!

Afterword, Landon was in a food coma like the rest of us.

* * *

At the neighborhood pool that afternoon, Jack and I took this picture for Leslie. Either he wanted to show her how big of a Texas Longhorn fan he is, or he forgot to use his thumb to sign "I Love You."

Since Lexi got cut out of the group picture (above), we took a separate solo shot.

Dominic doing a handstand.

* * *

It's a shame my nieces aren't more photogenic.

Friday night, we had a party with Felicia's relatives coming over, who we know really well and who have come to Nebraska before to see us. Here's her cousin Gina.

Felicia's dad made homemade fish tacos! Plus, there was this much food on the kitchen table already, too.

Uncle Sam, who owns the deli, and Gina's daughter Giu Giu (Giuliana) who's almost 2.

One last group family shot, before Laurie left the next day.

When Sophia saw the girls having their picture taken, she came running and wanted to be in it too.

Gina's husband Ray.

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