Sunday, June 28, 2009

California family vacation! (Day one)

The Saturday before last, we left for our summer vacation in sunny Southern California. This is the third year in a row that my mom, all four of us kids, our spouses and all of our kids have gone on a week-lomg family trip. Thanks Mom!

We went to stay with my brother and his family north of San Diego; we've been there many times before and we all agree that it's one of our very favorite places to visit. Not only does it help being somewhere familiar with an eight-month old baby, but the weather's perfect, we hadn't been there for two years, my sister-in-law's family is great and it's a ton of fun!

We've had this planned since Christmas, so we were really looking forward to it and were so glad the time had finally come!

Our carry-ons. And our bags, too.

Up, up and away!

Once we got to their house, I don't know who was more excited — us to be there and see them, or for Dominic and Nathan to see us!

They adore Landon and are so good with him. Jack and Landon have the best cousins!

We just hung out that afternoon/evening at Lance & Felicia's house (one of our favorite things to do) and the boys played. Felicia made an awesome lasagna that night, just like the pros ... and the Italians. I've since learned that by waiting and adding the sauce only on top — to each individual serving — it's easier to serve, it looks a lot better and it's actually easier to make. I can't wait to make it ourselves.

I ended up taking fewer pictures on our trip than I expected. Only 792. I didn't even fill up our memory card. But I plan to post the best ones a day at a time, over the next week, so you can follow along.

If I had to sum up our trip alliteratively, I'd describe it as "sun, surf and sand." Or "family, food and fun." Or "people, places and poop."

I'll explain tomorrow.

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