Thursday, June 18, 2009

A boy and his coconut

Jack's been asking lately to get a "real, live" coconut. So while Leslie was at Bunko last night, we guys went to Hallmark for a couple of Father's Day cards and then to the grocery store.

Always searching for educational opportunities, we discussed that it cost $1.49 — which Jack thought was "reasonable" — and he read the sticker saying that it was grown in Mexico.

At home, we first drilled a hole in it (Jack loves using power tools in the kitchen) to drain out the milk. It filled up a 12-ounce glass! Then we got out the hatchet and I cracked it open, outside on the deck. Unfortunately, neither the milk nor the meat were as tasty as we were hoping/expecting; definitely milder than the packaged coconut and artificial coconut flavorings that we're used to (Jack kept suggesting that we add sugar to it). So the flavor was pretty underwhelming, but it was a fun experience — and now we know!

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