Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Art of the Brick

After Landon's follow-up doctor visit this week, we three boys met Leslie over lunch just minutes away at Crown Center's free Lego exhibit. There are about 30 sculptures out of standard Lego bricks, created by a man named Nathan Sawaya. Jack was so excited, that he did a great job of behaving at the hospital ... with this as his incentive.

It was sad to hear the kids ask, "Who's that?" and when we said John Lennon, they'd ask again, "Who's that?"

This one's called "Reflection."

Jack staring into "Infinity."

Not suprisingly, this was Jack's favorite — the one with his head coming off. I'm holding him up, 'cause he wanted to see what's on the inside.

This was actually just a precursor to our trip to Legoland this summer. And when we got home, I got a new ReadyMade magazine in the mail with a two-page article on Legos. They're everywhere!

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