Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family fun

After staying with them last Saturday, Greg & Mechele and their kids came to Kansas City to spend this weekend at our house. Early Saturday morning, Leslie and Mechele ran to Old Navy for some bargains while Greg and I took the kiddos to the Liberty farmers' market on the Square. Unfortunately, some rain moved in while we were there, but I had given each of our kids a dollar bill so it was fun seeing them shop (and barter) for their own produce.

Life is just a bowl of cherries.

Since the rain kept us inside, it was really nice lounging around the house with all the kids playing together.

We ordered in Minsky's pizza and eagerly supported Boulevard Brewery. Mmm... Saturday afternoon comfort food!

I can see who Kenedee gets her great smile from.

Landon climbing up on his big cousin's lap.

Late Saturday afternoon, Dennis — one of Greg's best friends from high school, who now lives on the Kansas side of the metro — and his adorable family came over for the evening. (Not only was Greg a groomsman in Dennis & Kim's wedding several years ago, but Leslie & I were honored to be involved as well.) Here, Kim helps Kenedee and Jordyn bond over a book.

Then it cleared up and was time for a game of baseball in the backyard. Collin's gonna be a slugger!

The cheering section.

Landon was fascinated with the music coming out of our old-school "boom box."

Once it got dark, all the kids had fun playing with the glow-sticks.

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