Sunday, June 6, 2010

"I do!" "I do!"

After Leslie ran the Hospital Hill 5K Saturday morning and I took both boys to Jack's baseball practice, we then went to two out-of-town weddings yesterday.

4 p.m. — in Chillicothe, Mo., Leslie's co-worker (who happens to be a Northwest alum) was the bride.

7 p.m. — in Indian Creek, Mo., Leslie's first cousin (who also happens to be a Northwest alum) was the groom.

This small, country church that Leslie grew up going to is so old that these spring-loaded clasps are on the back of each pew to hold your hat.

Jordan & Lynn emerge.

Leslie and her Uncle Mike practice their synchronized bubble-blowing technique.

Leslie's first cousin Lyndsey and their Grandma Reva.

Entering the reception with Leslie's onery Great-Aunt Naomi (you can see a resemblance to her sister, Grandma Reva, above). It felt like we were at prom.

Uncle Jeff and Dana share a fondness for leftover dinner rolls.

The three female cousins — Lyndsey, Jenny and Leslie.

Since Leslie's mom babysat Jackson and Landon for us, it was like we were out on a date! Dinner, drinks, dancing, adult conversation ... and we didn't have to do the Chicken Dance.

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