Sunday, June 20, 2010

Party animals

Yesterday afternoon around 4, we went to Jason & Tricia's house for their youngest son Max's 1st birthday party.

Landon on the inflatable.

Landon in the inflatable.

Our friends Craig and Ava.

They also had a big waterslide set up (with this tunnel underneath).

Once the big kids went inside to eat, Landon got the hang of climbing up the "rock wall" ladder and loved sliding down all by himself.

Close-up of the spray jets gettin' him wet ... and a smile beneath that floppy hat.

We stayed for the chaos — I mean, "fun and excitement" — of the gift opening.

Then hurried over to our old neighborhood around 7, where Paul & Patti had invited us to their party, too.

It was fun to see and catch up with so many of our former neighbors again. (Not "old," just former.)

In the second half of 2008, both of us couples were expecting at the same time and Julie delivered just six weeks after Leslie — to three times as many people. (Note their triangular baby monitor at the bottom left.)

Trying to keep up with our social calendar...

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