Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad's Day

Despite a late night the night before, Jack and Leslie surprised me with breakfast in bed. Yes, that's a big box of Junior Mints, a bag of special dark chocolate/mint M&M's, regular M&Ms, cinnamon rolls and milk. They know me well.

After church, we tried one take with the camera's self-timer. Not bad!

Then we broke out the Slip 'N' Slide that Jack has been begging to use. (In case you're keeping track, this is his third outfit in three photos in as many hours. Man, what a clothes horse.)

Although he's certainly seen and heard of Slip 'N' Slides before, I think this was his first time actually using one.

Since Landon kept falling — or "slipping" — on the Slip 'N' Slide, he seemed to like the simple sprays of water at the end the best.

I love this.

Jack just can't help himself from being a big brother...

...whether Landon wants the "help" or not.

He definitely got the hang of it. I think we need a longer Slip 'N' Slide!

Then it was time for lunch, some naps and a carefree afternoon. I even got to indulge in leisurely reading the newspaper out on the deck all by myself: in-depth stories, feature articles, even foreign affairs. In fact, it was so quiet and solitary for so long, that it eventually got boring and I came in!

Later on, we went to the pool where we caught up with some neighbors ... and Landon's becoming even more of a fish.

Lastly, Jack stayed up past his bedtime so we could cuddle on the couch and watch the College World Series together.

A terrific day.

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