Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"School's ... out — for — SUMMER!"

I can't get that song out of my head. (Thanks Alice Cooper.) But Friday was Jack's last day of pre-K. And, whew, what a year! After two great years, it was also his last day at Oakhill. We'll definitely miss it, but we're looking forward to him starting kindergarten in Liberty this fall.

Instead of creating a traditional scrapbook/photo album for the students and parents like they've done in the past, his teachers went digital this year and customized CDs for each of the children — with pictures of them taken throughout the year. Here are a few of those pics that we got to see for the first time.

A pretty gutsy guy.

First in line to pet the chicken at the Red Barn Farm, in October.

Backstage at the Christmas program.

During the luau, where they got to wear their swimsuits to school!

Three amigos — Jacob, Jack and Jake.

Sampling kumquats during the foods unit.

The Parents' Tea at the beginning of May.

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