Monday, October 1, 2012

Where did Landon fall asleep today?

I was telling our friend Kristy on Saturday how when Landon falls asleep, he's out. Which inspired me to compile another edition of this photo series.

Sunday, May 27th.
On the bench at the end of our bed — Monday, May 28th.
Northwest Night at the T-Bones baseball game (photo by Jack) — Saturday evening, June 2nd.
Driving home from our Father's Day afternoon at The Springs Aquatic Center (notice he's mid-cheesestick) — Sunday, June 17th.
Waiting for a gondola in Breckenridge, Colo., before doing the Alpine Slide — Monday afternoon, July 2nd.
In the middle of the living room floor at our rental house in Breckenridge — Thursday evening, July 5th.
Sunday afternoon, July 8th.
Under the bench at the end of our bed — Wednesday morning, July 11th.
After going to the "meet your teacher" open house at his new preschool — Sunday afternoon, Aug. 19th.
On Jack's bean bag in our family room — Saturday afternoon, Sept. 1st.
At the circus (before intermission even!) — Thursday evening, Sept. 13th.


Lloy said...

Loved the pictures. That is what he does when he comes to my house to. You forgot the one where he fell asleep on the top of steps.

Last fall when I came to your house to watch him one afternoon so Leslie could go to Jack's school I was talking to him and next thing I knew he was asleep and I could not get him to wake up. When he is out he is out!

Neil said...

Hi Lloy!

Actually, I think the one you're talking about is the first picture here -- -- from June of last year.