Monday, July 2, 2012

Breckenridge family vacation (day three)

Monday morning, I left the house and went for a little exploratory drive by myself.
Without a map or GPS or mobile app, I drove for about 20 miles or so ... including over some rocky paths I wouldn't have driven on if it hadn't been a rental vehicle.
Until I came to this "bridge." I thought about it, but I reluctantly stopped.
So I just enjoyed the scenery. Not only does it look better in person, but the rushing water was surprising loud — especially when you're in the middle of a forest and everything around you is so quiet.
Later that morning, we all headed into Breckenridge so the boys could wade in the Blue River.
I tested the water, too, and it was cold!
Leading up to our vacation, the No. 1 thing Jack said he wanted to do was "pan for gold." So he was determined to find some shiny stuff.
Trying to get a picture of all four of the boys at once didn't turn out so well, so here they are individually. Nathan.
(OK, I can't decide which one of these pictures I like better of Landon — that is, which one of them looks more treacherous — so here's another.)
And Dominic.
Schuyler and Felicia, too!
Then we all enjoyed a picnic lunch, right there on the bank.
That afternoon, I took the three younger boys to do the Alpine Slide. First, we rode up the gondola...
And then up the ski lift...
All the way to the top.
Now, spending the afternoon with my boys at the Alpine Slide in Breckenridge during the first week of July holds more meaning for me than most. First, is because while doing this when I was 9 that I completely ignored the "CAUTION: Slow Down" warnings and had a major wipe-out. I was left with a big scar that was still visible into adulthood.
Second, is because I did it with my Dad. And in a few days will be the 20th anniversary of his death. While our family was on a summer vacation.
So to be sharing this same exact thing — with Landon right in front of me and Jackson to my side — was really, really special.
Enough tears for now. Away we went!
It was only day three, but the experience was a highlight of my trip.
After two trips down the Alpine Slide, the boys couldn't pass up the chance to climb a little higher and check out the snow.
Or throw a snowball at Dad.
Jack "skiing."
It was a trek, but Jack and Nate conquered the hill.
We were up so high, and the view was amazing.
Just imagine that Nathan had gotten us centered and that you can see the breathtaking mountain vista behind us.
By this time it was late afternoon, and we had to high-tail it back down the mountain, back down the gondola and back home ... so the people we met yesterday at church could come over for dinner!

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