Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Breckenridge family vacation (day five)

Happy 4th of July!
The Breckenridge parade has to be the first time I've seen parade entries pulled by sled dogs and floats with (man-made) snow, which was being shoveled into the crowd!
OCD much?
Jack's Tootsie Roll cobra.
Eating watermelon on Main Street on the Fourth of July. Merica!
Immediately following the parade was a special air show.
It set a record for being the world's highest air show!
"Highest," that is, above sea level. At more than 10,000 feet, the complications of flying at such high altitude are said to make the flights especially difficult.
Back at the house ... and the boys were back to the video games.
Skye tickling "Baby Landon."
And giving him zerberts.
Around lunchtime, a group of us rented bikes and started at a trailhead near Silverthorne.
We rode 10 miles back to Frisco, but luckily it was all downhill.
Being outdoors, doing a new activity in a new place, getting to share it with Jackson and on the Fourth of July? Priceless.
The scenery was ridiculous.
Laurie had to leave the next day, so I'm glad we got to do this together.
Later, back at the house when we were done, Grandma Nancy asked Jack to describe the bike ride in three words. He said, "Awesome, epic and best-day-ever!"
It was only day five, but the experience was a highlight of my trip.
Finally, my niece Lexi (on the right) and my oldest sister and brother arrived.
So, that evening, we headed outside to take our annual family vacation picture.
Everyone's here except our oldest niece, Dani.

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