Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Our Time"

Just as I was leaving work yesterday around 5:30, Mike called me out of the blue to ask if Jack and I wanted to go to the Royals game with him and Synjin. We hadn't been to Kauffman Stadium all year, it was their last game of the season and it was a gorgeous night. "Sure!"
We had a little mix up with our tickets so we ended up just buying new ones, way up in the "cheap seats" (for only $5.50). The boys actually thought it was cool to be up so high.
It's obviously dark, but our view from the third-base line reminded me of a similar picture from...
...our family "vacation" to Kansas City in August of 1983!
(But back to the current century.) Last night's game was also memorable because we witnessed Detroit's Miguel Cabrera become the first Major Leaguer to achieve the triple crown in 45 years. In fact, he's only the 15th player to do it ever, joining the likes of Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig. He got a standing ovation from the entire stadium, including from both dugouts.
Finally, we made our way down to our original seats, which — being only 22 rows from the field — were a tad bit closer.
You know, I don't think "Our Time" was just the Royals' marketing slogan for the year. It also describes two dads getting to take their sons to the ballpark on a random school night in the fall, eatin' peanuts out of the shell, doing the 7th-inning stretch together and cheering on the same team they did as kids.
I pray that "our time" lasts forever.

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