Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trunk 'r Treat

When we originally asked Landon if he wanted to be a mummy, he said, "No — it'll hurt when you take the Band-Aids off!" But at lunchtime today, I got a voice-mail message from Leslie that he had changed his mind.
Then, for the first time, we went to our church's annual Trunk 'r Treat event.
Was that ever the thing to do. It helped that it was perfect weather, but there were lots of "trunks" and tons of "treaters," plus other activities for the kids, too. (The man bending over on the left in the gray sweatshirt and red cap is a professional juggler; hence the hula-hoops and orange cones.)
From the top of our mini-van gate, I rigged up some jail bars to make a prison. The look on some kids' faces was priceless as I told them I was locked in there 'cause I didn't listen to my parents and do my chores.
The various other trunks included Noah's Ark...
...and Noah's Ark Poop Patrol!
This blurry photo was either my artistic contribution to their '70s theme ... or a signal to start using the flash.
On the other side of us were these two sophomores in high school. To go along with their baby theme, their signs say, "Welcome to our crib" and "It's like taking candy from a baby!"
The rest of Clay & April kids were the dwarves.
Um, I should check with James & Marybeth to see what their costume was again.
But by this time of the night, Brandon had to have been cold in his shorts and flip-flops.
I eventually took a break from handing out candy and checked out the inside of church. There was live music, a robotics team and this black-light puppet show.
And free pictures, too.
Back out in the parking lot, the two inflatables were huge.
Landon loved the obstacle course...
...and Jack loved runnin' around with his friends. Another successful Halloween down!

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