Saturday, November 19, 2011

Showdown in Joe town

The boys and I drove up to St. Joseph today for Northwest's first round of the NCAA Division II national playoffs. It was a rematch of our game two weeks ago, when Missouri Western beat Northwest by three points.

After hearing the rest of the crowd cheering, Landon got into it, too. He liked the idea of being able to yell without getting in trouble.

It's fun seeing A.D. do so well as a first-year coach, since Leslie and I have known him since we were in college together.

Taking a potty break behind the stadium. (I've never been so proud as when Landon peed on the Mo West campus. I really encouraged him to go No. 2.)

With the help of a double-decker tuba player and a rockin' drum major, the Bearcat Marching Band brought down the house.

In the fourth quarter, with the crowd on its feet, Northwest had to go for it on fourth down and inches.

After getting the first down and an AMAZING two-point conversion, the crowd erupts. But Landon doesn't flinch ... as he stays cuddled up in his green blankie, dreaming of a Northwest victory.

Northwest's athletic director, Baker, celebrating with last year's All-American, Soy. It sounds like they should have their own cooking show.

Jack’s second-grade teacher, Mrs. Henson, told him yesterday at school that she was going to be there — so he took his little bird-watching binoculars in hopes of seeing her. As soon as the game was over, we finally did!

Whew, the game really wore Landon out!

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