Friday, November 25, 2011

More than the pilgrims ever imagined

Thanksgiving morning. And what we're thankful for.

Cranberry sauce is actually Jackson's favorite Thanksgiving food! Leslie thinks it might have something to do with the two cups of sugar in it.

Have I mentioned I'm a wannabe food photographer?

Around 12:30, we drove to southern Kansas City to Dan & Linda's house, like we did two years ago. But as I told someone earlier in the week that we were going to "my wife's cousin's husband's parents' house," I realized we really don't go there because they're relatives and we're obligated to. Instead, we choose to spend Thanksgiving with them because they're so nice, we really like spending time with them, and they're just so easy and comfortable to be with.

With it being a gorgeous 70 degrees (on Nov. 24!), you felt bad not going outside. So it was perfect to let the boys run around and play.

Our godson Danny.

Jack was excited to get the wish bone. And more excited to beat his dad at pulling it.

Roughhousing with Andy.

Empty plates, empty glasses and pushed back from the table ... the tryptophan's kickin' in.

Leslie and Dulsey doin' dishes.

Playing everyone's favorite after-dinner activity, "Your Continent or Mine?" (Actually, Jack was looking for Serbia, where Dan & Linda lived for two years.)

After Thanksgiving dinner, the Kennedys play football on the front lawn. I guess the Neumeyers climb trees in the back yard.

Landon in a turkey coma.

The iPad held their attention a little bit longer than the atlas did.

On the way home, we wound our way through the Country Club Plaza to see all of its lights lit up for the first night.

A few thousand other people had the same idea, too. (In the glass on these doors, you can see the reflection of red tail lights from the bumper-to-bumper traffic.)

And cruising by the Pamona Fountain (featuring Donatello's sculpture of the goddess of vineyards and orchards), where I proposed to Leslie.

Over the river and through the ... sunroof. (My unedited shot of the Bond Bridge at 50 miles per hour, at night — completely un-Photoshopped.)

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