Sunday, November 13, 2011

Experiencing Northwest

My niece Schuyler, who's a senior in high school, did an offical campus visit at Northwest Friday afternoon, so I went up to meet her and Mom.

It was a different perspective to tag along on the Student Ambassador's tour.

I still remember this computer lab in the library being the first place I ever heard of the "World Wide Web."

We all stayed overnight for the football game Saturday afternoon. (The requisite Bearcat Zone pic.)

Head over heels.

Head over heels, marching band style.

Me and Mike, on the hunt for Bobby.

Northwest was only up 28-14 at halftime. But once we started watching the game from here, Northwest scored 34 unanswered points!

Finally, a shot of the three of us...

...before driving back to KC.

Thankfully, Mom and Skye spent Saturday night at our house.

We love seeing Grandma!

Bedtime stories.

And the parting shots Sunday after church.


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