Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry and bright

Last year, we started a new tradition where the boys get to open one gift on Christmas Eve night — new jammies!

Then, right before bed, we got out a special item that Jack made at his classroom's holiday party — magical reindeer food. The tag tied to the jar read:

The Legend of Magical Reindeer Dust
It has once been said,
That right before you go to bed.
You should sprinkle magic reindeer food,
To quickly bring Santa and his brood.
For many years the legend’s been told,
To boys and girls, both young and old.
Sprinkle the food throughout your yard,
Then finding your house won’t be so hard!
The reindeer can smell it for hundreds of miles,
Just do not leave it in big piles.
Then you must go to sleep very fast,
So Santa and his reindeer will not pass.

And to think, that in all my years I'd never heard of such a thing. But it was brilliant because, as excited as Jack was for Christmas, he immediately went upstairs and let me tuck him into bed! And told us to go to bed right away, too!

But then, AT 3:51 A.M., Jack ran into our room to announce that Santa had come. At 3:51! I don't know if you've ever tried, but there's no use in getting a child to go back to bed when he is six years old, is "highly excitable," it's Christmas morning and Santa has just been at your house. Even if it is 3:51 a.m.

So there we were, opening presents at 4 in the morning. In the middle of a blizzard.

Oh well, time to fire up the Johnny Mathis CD. Here we go...

Jack showing how the wrapping paper matches his new pajamas.

He got lots of old-fashioned, low-tech toys like this slingshot, a marshmallow bow and arrow from Santa, a set of marbles, real metal jacks, an Etch-a-Sketch, a wall calendar, a coloring/activity book, etc. Oh, and a Wii.

Then Landon woke up (at a much more reasonable hour) and we all played together for the rest of the day.

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