Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve eve

The evening of Dec. 23, Jackson and I made a birthday cake for Jesus. We used the Fudgy Ripple Cake (and Fudgy Glaze) recipe from our Cooking for Kids & Kids' Party Food cookbook.

We decided that he was the chef and I was the sous chef...

...because the sous chef is the one who cleans up afterward.

Cooking's a great opportunity to practice measurements and fractions, but when it came to making the chocolate filling — I got to teach him about "creative license."

Action shot.

A couple "outtakes."

He also learned the hazards of licking the entire bowl — batter in your hair!

Thank goodness I found these special candles in the cupboard. I was starting to wonder how many candles you have to put on a birthday cake for Jesus.

And when Jackson blew them out, it gave us a great chance to talk about what He would wish for.

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