Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas

Here are some shots from Christmas Eve.

That afternoon, Leslie and Jack made cookies for Santa — with matching aprons and oven mitts.

Landon dressed up for church that evening. "Helloooo ... ladies!"

Jack divided up the money in his piggy bank between our Christmas stockings and the offering plate.

Back at home, the boys got to open a pair of new pajamas to wear that night.

Landon's such a good baby. He just smiles and coos and laughs. And smiles some more.

The last pic below was right before bed. We tried to dissuade Jack from piling all the cookies on the plate, hoping to convince him that Santa would get full from eating so many. But Jack insisted, "He can take them back home to Mrs. Claus!"

The note that he wrote on the left says, "Dear Santa, I want a dinosaur." Surprised by this last-minute request, Leslie and I feigned disappointment that "the elves were already off work for the year." Whew!

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