Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

Taken right before we went to bed. Not a creature was stirring!

Here's Jack opening Cadoo, a Cranium game, from Uncle Lance, CiCi Felicia and cousins Dominic and Nathan.

He wanted to stop opening presents right away to play the game, and was fascinated by the hour glass.

Reading a musical pop-up book from Grandma Nancy.

The best present we could ask for. You can tell that Landon was kicking his feet non-stop.

Close up. (Right after this, Landon did his E*trade baby impression and suddenly spit up on himself. Photo on request.)

Another Cranium game ... from another one of my siblings. This time from CiCi Ninnie and cousins Dani, Skye and Doodle.

This is a Hot Wheels toy with a seven-foot-long ramp. We played all day long!

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Angela said...

Your tree and mantle look so beautiful! Really enjoyed the photo of Jackson with his Hot Wheels. Happy New Year Neumeyers!