Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A productive Sunday

Sunday morning, I ran the Groundhog Run 5K with Kelly, Susan and Shane (he was in the bathroom). The race is entirely underground and it was the third time I've done it. I finished in 27 minutes.

That afternoon, while Leslie and Jack went on a date to see "Madagascar 2" (it was Jack's weekend to bring home his pre-K class mascot, Shrek), Landon and I set up a new media console beneath the flat-panel TV in our family room. Let me tell ya, hooking back up the DVD player, the "cable box" and the receiver for our home theater system definitely pushed my limited technological boundaries. But everything still works!

Then I made us shrimp pad thai for dinner. Yum!


Lisa said...

DJ said, "if it doesn't look like spaghetti (or spent at least a $100 on cables), you probably aren't done! Congratulations Neal. It can be a mind boggling experience.

FYI. If you do need more cabling, DJ found a good website called www.mycablemart.com. They are a third of the price of places like Best Buy.

Joseph said...

Way to go! I missed the Groundhog Day Run this year. Maybe I will get back to it next year. It is always so cold the morning of the run. Thank goodness it is inside.

Neil said...

We definitely spent over $100 AND it looks like spaghetti. But thanks for the offer!