Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our "super" weekend

Since they've been studying aquatic life for the past two weeks, Jack's class had an "Under The Sea" party Friday morning. They got to wear their swimming suits to school! And what did they have for a snack? Goldfish, of course.

Saturday for lunch, we had sloppy joes. Jack insisted on eating his just like Cici Ninny — with salt and pepper and potato chips on top. Sometimes I wish he didn't have such a good memory. He said his sloppy joe was "delish-er" than ours.

After lunch, Jack wandered out to the deck to bask in the sun. The temperature Saturday afternoon got up to 72 degrees!

Then we broke out the sidewalk chalk for the first time at our new house.

He drew a picture of us going on a walk, holding hands. At the top right it says "To Dad (heart) Jack."

Braden, one of the neighbor boys, was playing outside and joined in.

Here's the solar system Jack drew, with all nine planets (not drawn to scale). Including Jupiter's many moons.

Jack, Nikolai (another neighbor) and I explored the creek behind our house and picked up trash.

Sunday morning:

In this picture you can really see Landon's curly hair. I'm sorry little guy!

Sunday afternoon, Jackson "helped" Leslie make a chocolate angel food cake. Here he's sifting the cocoa...

...and smelling the cocoa!

Then Jack helped make dinner (a new recipe called Chicken Adobo). His favorite part was using the garlic press.


cici ninny said...

Of course Jackson remembers sloppy joes--Cici Ninny style--it's the ONLY way! Can't wait to see you guys--only 10 days!

Neil said...

Heck, Cici Ninny, even that silver salt shaker (in the sloppy joe picture, above) is from you -- a wedding shower gift from nine years ago!