Thursday, February 19, 2009

The good life

We went up to Nebraska for a long weekend, with the sole purpose of spending time with family. Although heavy snow was predicted for Friday, when we woke up that morning, there wasn't a flake in sight. Yet, after going downstairs to get some coffee, Leslie said that all the schools were canceled. It didn't make sense; everything looked as brown as could be.

Then it started to snow. And snow. And snow some more.

It snowed about six inches in six hours — and it was awesome! I felt like we were in a snowglobe. It was perfect because it wasn't windy at all and didn't even seem that cold.

My brother's two sons, Nathan and Dominic, had a blast.

Nathan called out, "I get to shovel the back yard!" Can you tell he's from Southern California?

Sled Nebraska.

Snow makes everything prettier.

I made this shot black and white, but you can hardly tell.

An old wheel.

An older wheel.

Where the sun don't shine. (Literally. That's why the evergreen branches in this windbreak are bare.)

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Lisa said...

Beautiful - simply beauiful