Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Philippians 1:3

Even though I always said I wanted it, I wish it never would’ve happened.

Out of a husband, two children, six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren — I got Grandma’s Bible when she died.

One year ago today.

And, no, I did not successfully write that with dry eyes.


I confess that I don’t actually use it that much. I think because I can’t even open it … and still have dry eyes. OK, without completely losing it. Probably because inside the front cover I was surprised to find this Post-It note:

Seeing G-ma’s handwriting makes her seem so alive. (And, no, I can’t find a single spot like she’s talking about.)


If you didn’t know her, you don’t realize what G-ma’s Bible meant to her. She read it every day.

Every. Day.

She got it in 1963 and used it for 47 years. Roughly half her life. You can tell it was both well used, and well cared for. It seems like every page was read (at least once). And if you knew my grandma, you would know that to be true. Of course, one of my favorite things is all of her handwritten notes and underlining throughout.

It also contained some special handouts and helps. A page from a devotional. A printout of the “senior’s version” of Jesus Loves Me. An old mimeographed poem titled “The Child Speaks to its Parents.”

And something that caught me completely off guard: A Hallmark birthday card ... from me ... from 1993. So it would have been about 10 days before I graduated from high school.

Titled “A Grandmother Is a Blessing,” its corners are now rounded from wear and the binding on its two-page cover has come apart.

I only wrote a simple sentiment before signing my name. But, under that salutation added, “This is exactly how I feel.” with a hand-drawn arrow pointing to this printed paragraph:

When I thank God
for the blessings in my life…
I always think of you,
and ask Him to bless you
with the happiness
that you have always given me.


It’s pretty amazing that you can love someone so much.

And to know they love you so much.

And to miss them so much.


Lloy said...

I can't believe it has been a year ago. I was 10 when I lost the only Grandmother, (my Mothers' Mother) I ever knew. Out of the dozens of grandchildren that were born long after she was gone only my sister and I remember her. I adored her and was heart broken. I have never forgotten her.

I know how much your Grandmother loved you just by the way she spoke about you when we would be at the bithday parties. She was such a nice person who we enjoyed seeing and talking to. How wonderful that she was able to see you grow into the fine young man your are today. You have so many memories of her to cherish.



Neil said...

Thanks Lloy.

I think the "senior's version" of Jesus Loves Me that I reference, was an email forward you once sent us!

Darren said...

Thanks for sharing this Neil. I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. We miss her so much. It is good to see her love lives on through your thoughts and posts. You have a great blog!

Neil said...

Thanks Darren, I appreciate it. The four of you are really special to G-ma & G-pa -- thanks for taking such good care of them.