Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great food, great art, great company

I met a good friend (and former co-worker) for lunch today, at her new place of employment — The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art!

After eating in Rozelle Court, Angela took me on a quick tour to see some of her favorite pieces. As soon as it opened two years ago, I've loved this new modern addition, because of its juxtaposition to the original building's classic style.

This new exhibit of 40 original Rodin sculptures doesn't officially open until Saturday, but you can see how this individual piece is featured at the top of the larger "Gates of Hell" behind it.

Just walking through the halls on our way to something else, this jumped out at me — it's titled "Cornhusker"! (Also on display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.)

Another piece with personal significance: peonies in stained glass.

Angela took me up to the administrative offices to see her marketing department, right past this huge Buddha. Without any perspective, you can't tell from this photo whether it's 10 inches or 10 feet ... but it's definitely the latter.

I had to get back to work, but click on this picture to enlarge it and you can see this conservationist cleaning The Thinker's rear. Made me think of all the diapers I've changed!

While she took a break, I was dying for her to lean forward and rest her chin on her fist.

"Ferment," the newest addition to the Kansas City Sculpture Garden, is five-and-a-half stories tall and was created specifically for The Nelson (and was the subject of this blog post from July).

Everything I've previously seen and read about it is all about the organic free-form of nature, so I was really surprised to discover two of these distinct arrows hidden among the branches.

Until next time... Thanks Ang!

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