Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Farm Progress Show

I spent last week in central Illinois, at the largest outdoor farm show in the country.

My client, AGROTAIN, definitely made its presence known (this scaffolding, alone, outside our exhibit space was weighed down with 30,000 pounds of water).

Part of our integrated marketing strategy included research from the University of Illinois, which we promote as the "Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World."

We left the hotel every morning at 6, but the Dunkin Donuts nearby made it a little better. And, being gone all week, it was a fun reminder each day of where Leslie and I first met ... over a chocolate-frosted chocolate donut.

Crop physiologist Adam Henninger leading field tours of the real-world, on-site test plots. We first met in Atlanta in January, were together in Bloomington/Normal in July, and will see each other again in Nashville in November.

As usual, my primary role is media relations and garnering media coverage. For this live radio interview, my Nikon shot their Nikon.

A couple hundred-thousand attendees come from 50 different countries.

Not quite sure, but maybe the porta-potty is stationed outside the permanent restrooms for those who dislike air conditioning?

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