Wednesday, February 13, 2013

While working on Jack’s valentines, I never thought...

  • that me saying, “Jack, I saw something today that looks just like you.” would cause him to exclaim, “I have a DOPPELGANGER?!?”
  • the employees at Paper Source would be impressed.
  • I’d have to censor myself and say, “Nah, we better not. I think that one’s a little too gory.”
  • he would ask what “buxom” means (when we learned that stethoscopes were invented so doctors could avoid having to put their ears to women’s chests).
  • we’d use a font called “Dracula.” Thanks PicMonkey!
  • I’d go to seven different stores looking for a red paint pen.
  • he’d learn about Mt. Vesuvius burying the ancient city of Pompeii (from the heart-related facts we put on the back of each one).
  • I’d wonder whether his teacher or other parents will be offended.
  • I’d imagine that if he grows up to be a doctor, these will be really fun to look back on.
  • I'd make 26 of these and then he’d end up being sick and miss the whole party.

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