Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old-fashioned love

This “S” could stand for “special.” As in the truly special kind of person that you’d know is exceptional even if they weren’t your good friend; who would be special for any number of separate reasons, but when they’re all together in the same person — wow. Or that special kind of friend you’ve known for years, where you always pick right back up where you left off, even when you haven’t talked to them for a long time.
But it actually stands for The “Savoy.” As in the country’s oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi.
A landmark on the National Register of Historic Places, built in 1888. Host to Warren Harding, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan...
...and Cassie & Eric’s wedding this afternoon. Wow.
It was simple, and timeless, and classic, and memorable for a bunch of different reasons.
But all because it was a celebration that was uniquely “them.”
Such as these four college friends who — after a quick run-through by iPhone near the restrooms — performed their fraternity-sweetheart serenade for Cassie. (Heck, the solos they each sang during the wedding itself made me want to get the ceremony soundtrack!)
Or the dessert bar Cassie & Eric had asked guests to contribute some favorites to...
...along with the recipes, themselves!
I’m so glad we got to share in their special day; to be part of a whole host of people — from so many different places, through so many different connections over the years —
who love and support them as much as we do.
Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

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