Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Putting the G-ma & G-pa in X-mas

Before putting away the Christmas decorations, it's neat to notice the number of things we have from my grandma and grandpa.

Several years ago, G-pa crafted this creche for Leslie's nativity figurines — complete with a sandpaper floor, glittery blue water trough and lead rope hanging from a peg.

It wasn't till after taking this pic that I thought about the antique duck decoy (on the far left) being from them, too.

The tree skirt that matches our stockings.

On this mobile, hanging in our loft, you can better see the details of each individual sequin and bead.

After reading my own blog post here, I realize I don't just love these things because they're each from G-ma & G-pa, but because they're each made by G-ma & G-pa.

That's just how they've always done things.

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