Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lack of Pinterest

But I do appreciate it for inspiring and showcasing domestic creativity...

Turning an ordinary placecard holder into an extra-ordinary photo holder.

This Scripture reading from our wedding, without the actual passage citation (Ruth 1:16-17), kind of makes it look like a poem. But now I'm afraid Landon thinks, "Well if Dad gets to write on the wall..."

In case you have some extra macaroni, penne and rotelle laying around...

I took down the boys' artwork, and hung up past Christmas cards of our own through the years.

When our friends Joan & Craig painted their entire house before moving in, I got one of their paint chips and turned it into a little housewarming gift.

Jack's magazine origami from Bob & Lloy's house.

This dried okra would also work well with the pointy side up, as Santa's red hat.

Rethinking the wall sconce.

These boughs, hedge apples and pinecones were all completely free.

Trying to camouflage the thermostat.

I realize I've posted this picture before, but here's the ornament I made for Rob & Tracee after cutting up their wedding invitation.