Monday, October 24, 2011


While Jack stayed at his grandparents' — thanks Bob & Lloy! (hence the Landon-centric pics) — the three of us went to a fall/hayride party hosted by some friends at church Saturday night.

We had to venture to the next county over but, with four boys of their own, they have a great place out in the country: a big chicken pen, rope swing hanging from a tree, plenty o' pasture, hay bales to climb on, pumpkin decorating and smashing, lots of food, several friendly dogs and a jillion stars overhead.

Oh, and a huge bonfire.

Though it was already packed with kids, Jason was nice enough to take Landon on the hayride along with his own two sons, and told us to enjoy ourselves and eat in peace and quiet. I was really tempted to tip the driver so he'd stay out longer.

Jennifer, here, took the top picture of Landon and me, so I returned the favor.

They even had a separate area just for s'mores. We'll definitely go back next year!

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