Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Couldn't make this up if I tried

Even though Jackson wasn’t home Saturday, Brody and Preston from next door were intrigued by me raking leaves in our backyard that morning. Sooo...I seized the opportunity to have some help and quickly taught them the wildly popular, all-the-kids-are-doing-it “leaf-raking game.” Who knew they'd be so competitive?

I think they'd filled their ninth big bag full of leaves, when I began quizzing them with random spelling words and fun questions — to keep their minds off the, um, fun they were having.

I started asking if they knew what various groups of animals are called, such as birds (flock), wolves (pack) and cattle (herd). But when I got to what a group of dolphins is called, they corrected me. “No, it’s not a pod. You mean an iPod.”

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