Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter morn

Landon LOVES to smell flowers. He inhales really big, and then...

...after a dramatic pause (wait for it...), lets out a euphoric sigh.

Nicky and her girls gave us this great photo book from our family vacation to San Diego last summer.

We gave Landon this little "work bench" and hammer...

...but he kept pounding the pegs with his forehead!

So Cici Ninny tried to help him do it the right way...

...but he preferred using his head.

Landon having fun with more vintage playthings.

The Fisher-Price musical ferris wheel and Papa.

Smelling Momo's corsage.

Sisters trying to see who's tallest.

My grandpa and grandma are 88 and 87 respectively.

And will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary later this year!

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