Monday, March 1, 2010

The 'Ville

I drove up to Maryville Friday afternoon for a Northwest Alumni Association board meeting this past weekend. (Our board president needs to rethink having the "spring" board meeting with six inches of snow on the ground!)

We met at Carson's on the square that evening, as people rolled into town.

At the beginning of our meeting Saturday morning, Sue pulled out an old felt "beanie" that a late relative had recently bequeathed to her; circa 1940s. (From Transitions: A Hundred Years of Northwest, "All freshmen had to wear the green and white beanie at all times and accept incresing levels of hazing. When ordered by an upperclassman or a member of the M-Club to 'button,' they were to place a finger on the button on top of the beanie and bow, curtsy, or kneel."

Dr. Charles McAdams, dean of Northwest's College of Arts & Sciences, spoke to us about its innovative new buildings, degree programs and how alumni can help.

The board development team.

The chapters team.

The awards/programs team.

Thanking Vic for his six years of service on the board.

Time for lunch.

That afternoon, we walked over to the women's and men's basketball games — their last home games of the season.

Front-row, center-court seats.

The women won but, unfortunately, the men lost in overtime (here's the OT tip-off).

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