Friday, March 5, 2010

Ruffin' it

I spent the day volunteering at Jack's school today, as part of the Watch D.O.G.S. program. (That's "Dads Of Great Students.")

Brody, our nextdoor neighbor, and Jackson chillin' in the cafeteria before school started.

The office had a packed schedule waiting for me — moving between six different classrooms, helping almost every grade level — but here are my pictures while with Jackson's class.

He had taken his Children's Planet Earth Encyclopedia to school and got to share it during show 'n' tell. Jack read to the class a paragraph on piranhas ... and editorialized about the dangers of being eaten alive.


Running off some steam in gym class.

Ya know that saying about being given enough rope to hang oneself? These jumpropes were pretty close.

This last activity (of them hurling balls at one another) was mass hysteria.

But the P.E. teacher insisted "it is not dodgeball."

No clue who this boy is, but I couldn't pass up his junior GQ style: complete with slacks, dress shoes, button-down shirt and seersucker jacket. With all three buttons securely buttoned. So much for casual Friday!

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