Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First career start

Jack's first-ever T-ball game was on Saturday. Although I was out of town (more on that tomorrow), he did have his very own cheering section there — Leslie, Bob and Jason, Paul & Patti and Macie.

Here's Leslie's play-by-play:
"With his mouth full of Big League Chew, Jack was the first up to bat ...

he hit the ball, got turned around and started running to the pitchers mound! Half way there he realized he was WAY off ...

and made it to first base ... and eventually scored the first run of the game! :-)

Then on his second time at bat he stopped at first base and pulled out one of my black dish towels he had tucked in his pants — which I had no idea he had — and took off his helmet and wiped his whole face/head off. And if that wasn’t enough, he lifted up his shirt and tucked the towel back in his pants! (shown below) It was priceless."

Two other shots:
1. With his game-face on

2. With JD, his best bud from school, and their "class mascot" Shrek.

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The Hodges Family said...

Way to go, Jack!

But wait a minute -- your baseball didn't have hearts on it?!?