Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally — first flakes!

With the first snowfall of the season Monday morning, we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Fastest way to get out of the sled? Gravity.

Then back to the top to do it again!

Notice how cautious Jack is, using his hands as "brakes" so they wouldn't go too fast!

Landon was fascinated to discover his footprints made tracks in the snow. Naturally, he started walking backward so he could see them.

Of course.

Here come the smiles...

And when his cheeks were as red as his coat, it was time to go in for hot chocolate.

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iheater said...

When l was a lot younger l use to love playing out in the snow but it seems the older l get the less please l am when it does actually snow but building snowmen with my grandchildren is something l won't forget