Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Classic. Commodity Classic.

Here are my pics from Tampa last week. I took this shot from a restaurant named Jackson's, of the Tampa Convention Center ... where we worked a tradeshow for the better part of three days.

The weather was gorgeous — much warmer than I even expected.

Despite being there to represent various clients, coworkers from five different AdFarm offices all got together for dinner Thursday evening. This was after the sushi-restaurant-that-wasn't-a-sushi-restaurant in the Channelside Bay Plaza area.

A nice courtyard area we walked through each day on our way to and from the convention center.

When the tradeshow was over Saturday afternoon, I took the looong way back to the hotel, via the River Walk.

You can see two birds flying overhead, just to the left of center.

I didn't see the artist's name, but this sculpture looks just like this one on the UNL campus.

I'm no expert at geometry, but I know it when I see it.

On the wide-open lawn in front of the children's museum, a group of boys was doing flips and other acrobatics off of this platform.

Here's three of them flipping together; they were pretty impressive.

Just across the river is the University of Tampa.

I imagine this couple (laying on their backs on the grass) was imagining objects in the clouds.

Right after I took these, the second wedding party I had seen that afternoon showed up for some photos.

But since I didn't take any pics of the first bride, I didn't take any of the second one either.

The view out my window on the flight home was pretty amazing.

I try not to post multiple pictures of the same subject from the same position, but I thought each of these were good enough to share.

Finally... home sweet home.

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Katie said...

Amazing pictures Neil! I love your blog and reading up on your family. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Keep us posted on Jackson's piano playing!