Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas program at church

Ya know how when you hear a group of kids singing, there's usually one voice that seems to especially stand out? It seems to hold the notes a little longer and a little louder than the rest? And as the song continues, the entire audience pays more and more attention to just that one child? Which seems to encourage him to sing longer and louder? Until it practically becomes a solo and the rest of the children are his back-up singers?

That was our kid.

Afterward, when I asked Jackson if he realized he was so close to the microphone (and inching nearer with every verse), it seemed as if he was going to say, “Duh...”

But — being very aware of that fact — he replied, “I just wanted you and Mommy to be able to hear me. So I made sure to sing out loud and proud.”

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