Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our weekend

Leslie and I had talked about eating out Friday evening. So on the way to school Friday morning, I asked Jack where he wanted to go eat that night. He said, "Japan!"

At a classmate's 5th birthday party Saturday afternoon. Yes, I know this picture's blurry. But I like it.

* * *
On his way up to the children's sermon at church this morning, Jackson slid into place on his knees (he used to do this around the house, even wearing holes in his pants before). Pastor Sacia told me later that he then had a wierd look on his face. When she asked him if everything was alright, he whispered to her, "I just tooted."

* * *
Jack really wanted to dust this afternoon. Next, he begged and pleaded to clean the toilet! Well, if you insist... (sorry, no pictures)

Landon now weighs double-digits! And Saturday night he only woke up ONCE! But ever since he's smiled a couple times lately, we do everything we can to get him to smile some more.

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